Allan Janik, Stephen Toulmin: Wittgenstein’s Vienna (1973) [English/Spanish]

by Ongs Hat on January 28, 2013

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The central figure in this portrait of a crumbling society giving birth to the modern world without realizing it was Wittgenstein, the brilliant and gifted young thinker whose great book remains the key to modern thought and who went on to influence a whole generation of English thinkers, artists and scientists.

As a portrait of a man, this book is superbly realized. It is even better as a portrait of the age and milieu in which our modern ideas were born–not only in philosophy, but in art, music, literature, architecture, design and style.

Publisher Simon and Schuster, New York, 1973
A Touchstone Book
ISBN 0671217259, 9780671217259
314 pages

review (Barry Seldes, H-Net Reviews)

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Download (English)
Download (La Viena de Wittgenstein, Spanish, trans. Ignacio Gomez de Liaño, 1998)

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