Black Book Omega – Cirque Apokalypsis

February 9, 2013

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Black Book Omega – Cirque Apokalypsis by wyrdwizard

What are The Black Books? They are a series of booklets from Dr. Christopher Hyatt and the Extreme Individual Institute. Little more can be said lest we give away their intention and reduce their impact.

Black Book Omega includes:

“My Report” by Joseph Matheny
“Doctor Hyatt is Boring” by Christopher Hyatt
“Tantra Motherfucker: The Importance of Christopher Hyatt” by Nick Pell
“Integrity” by Christopher Hyatt
“The Success Robot Experiment” by Calvin Iwema
“Worthlessness” by Christopher Hyatt
“Yes, you CAN take over the world!” by Wes Unruh
“Fulfillment” by Christopher Hyatt
“Paratheatre Manifesto” by Antero Alli
“Power” by Christopher Hyatt
“Collaboration in Theory and Practice” by Joseph Matheny
“Telling the Truth Amongst Other Lies” by Christopher Hyatt

and much more…

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