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Kenneth Grant (23 May 1924 – 15 January 2011) was an English ceremonial magician and prominent advocate of the Thelemite religion. A poet, novelist, and writer, with his wife Steffi Grant he founded his own Thelemite organisation, the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis, later renamed the Typhonian Order.

Born in Ilford, Essex, Grant took an interest in occultism in his teenage years. After several months serving in India with the British Army, he returned to Britain and became the personal secretary of Aleister Crowley, the ceremonial magician who had founded Thelema in 1904. Crowley taught Grant his esoteric practices, initiating him into his two active ceremonial magic orders, Argenteum Astrum and Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). When Crowley died in 1947, Grant was seen as his heir apparent in Britain, and was appointed as such by the American head of the OTO, Karl Germer. Founding the New Isis Lodge in 1954, Grant added to many of Crowley’s Thelemite teachings, bringing in extraterrestrial themes and influences from the work of H.P. Lovecraft. This was anathema to Germer, who excommunicated him from the OTO.

In 1969, Germer died and Grant proclaimed himself Outer Head of the OTO; this title was disputed by the American Grady McMurty, who took control of the OTO in the U.S. Grant’s Order became known as the Typhonian OTO, operating from his Golders Green home.

Grant’s writings and teachings have proved a significant influence over other British occultists. They also attracted academic interest within the study of western esotericism, particularly from Henrik Bogdan and Dave Evans. Wikipedia


This torrent/zip collects all the books by Kenneth Grant currently available in pdf format in one place. While some of these books are still available, or are coming back into print, many of them are very, very, rare and expensive. I encourage people to buy new copies of the books from Starfire when they are issued. Kenneth Grant is widely regarded as the most insightful and prolific exponent of the magick and mysticism of Aleister Crowley. Grant has continued Crowley’s work into nine books referred to as the Typhonian Trilogies, that were issued over the course of over thirty years. Unfortunately, because Grant claimed to be the OTO successor after Crowley, the U.S. OTO has done a lot to block the release of Grant’s books in the United States, contributing to both their scarcity and to the group’s monopoly on the interpretation of Crowley in the U.S.

This information should be available to everyone; organizations that oppose freedom of speech enforce the cultural and religious status quo. Included are five of the volumes of the Typhonian Trilogies, two of Grant’s fiction works, a collection of monographs written about the Golden Dawn and A .’. A .’. systems, and a work by Robert North on occultism and sex. While not directly having to do with Grant, people may find the ideas in North’s book to be helpful in understanding Grant’s philosophy.

Contents of the Torrent: The Magickal Revival Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God in pdf and doc Cults of the Shadow Nightside of Eden Outside the Circles of Time **** Fiction works Against the Light Gamaliel **** The Carfax Monographs The New Flesh Palladium

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