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The Incunabula Papers Platinum- 20 Year Anniversary Audio Book- Creative Commons Edition

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Audiobook in 5 parts to download from this site.
DRPart 1 (59 mb.) Intro. and reading of Incunabula Catalog
DRPart 2 (26 mb.) Reading of Ong’s Hat: Gateway to the Dimensions!
DRPart 3 (13 mb.) Reading of Advances in Skin Science
DRPart 4 (15 mb.) Reading of Emory Cranston Interview
DRPart 5 (25 mb.) Joseph Matheny Interview and wrap up.
DREntire audio book in one MP3 file (140 mb.)
Also available from Internet Archive and on Youtube
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About this Audiobook:With the 20 year anniversary of the Incunabula Project coming up, we decided to make available a rare, never before heard broadcast of the Garden of Truth, broadcast from deep within the heart of the Pine Barrens, with your host, Milford Connolly. The host reads all 4 sections of the original documents, followed by an odd interview.Credits: Radio play style audiobook reading written and conceived by Joseph Matheny with audio production provided by P. Emerson Williams. Character of Milford Connolly conceived and performed by P. Emerson Williams.
Other Older Audio
Ong’s Hat interview – Coast to Coast AM (Art Bell show), November 2000 November 2000, Coast to Coast AM (Art Bell show) on MP3. They are broken into eight separate 30-minute segments and numbered accordingly. Download them and share them off your P2P clients so others may more readily access them.
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DR Number 4 (1.8 MB) DR Number 8 (1.9 MB)


The Great World Mind, Joseph Matheny and the premise that the internet is an extension of the minds propensity to construct a unified consciousness.
Play Radio Alchymy (20.9 MB)An interview with Joseph Matheny, recorded 08-07-03 from Radio Alchymy- KPFK – Los Angeles. A single cell nano factory with DNA from a couple of homosapiens begins it exponential divide recombine journey into life. At about 18-24 months of gestation women describe the feeling of Bubbles, Butterflies, Gas…its called the Quickening – and its said to be the time the spirit/soul enters the vessel of the body. Already so early on in our introduction to life are we confronted with esoteric biophysics. A truly magical event taken in stride
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Joseph Matheny on Ong’s Hat:The Beginning Audio from a talk at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore 2002 (download zipped – mp3 – size: 11.6mb)Also incuded on the Induction Series DVD, which is downloadable from many sources.

The Infamous “Survivors” Interview (transcript here)

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WBZC is situated south of McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix, 26 miles west of Long Beach Island, 31 miles east of Philadelphia, and 60 miles northwest of Atlantic City. The campus encompasses approximately 250 acres and includes a modern campus facility surrounded by mature woodlands traversing the Rancocas Creek. At one time, part of Pemberton Township in Burlington County, was formerly known as Ong’s Hat and was and still is, very rich in tradition and local legend, as is much of the surrounding area known as the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Touching the edges of both the infamous Pine Barrens and the dark and mysterious Lebanon State Forest, the community was once known by the local Indians as “the Gateway Into the Other Worlds”, a name that local historians and folklorists don’t take lightly. According to Piney legend, the village of Ong’s Hat was founded sometime in the 19th century after Jacob Ong had an argument with a girl at a dance. She took his hat and threw it on the ground; he picked it up and tossed it in the air, and it landed in a tree. There it hung for months. Over the years, the community that developed around the tree where Jacob’s hat hung became known as Ong’s Hat.
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The smallWorld
We discuss Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey; Princeton University mathematicians; the Moorish Science Ashram; time travel/interdimensional travel; John Tukey; the Manhattan Project; the Montauk Project; the Philadelphia Experiment; Noble Drew Ali; Wali Farad; Project MKULTRA; remote viewing; First Earth Battalion; Jon Ronson?s The Men Who Stare at Goats; Mark David Chapman and The Catcher in the Rye; Everett-Wheeler-Graham; John Cheever; John von Neumann; Nikola Tesla; Nazi gold; moon landing hoax; Aleister Crowley; metafiction; COINTELPRO; Grey Pod; meeting Emory Cranston; Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs? cut-up technique; his upcoming projects.Featured song is ?Show Me Your Flavor? by Teddy Abesamis
This episode is not work safe.
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