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Nothing will ever replace the soft, pulsing spot in my heart where lives the Hello Tarot, a Hello Kitty and Sanrio character based tarot deck. But there are also the adorable, existential shenanigans of Charlie Brown and the gang to tell our fortunes, courtesy of the Peanuts Arcana. This non-commercial art project doesn't offer up a sale deck (and pleads with the proper copyright holders not to shut it down), but I reckon a creative and determined soul could download and print up the images on card stock.

Some people don't want Peanuts in the chocolatey goodness of their arcane detritus; I think there's something very, very dark about these characters and their endless sick fuckin' football kicking. Next: will someone please dish me up a Warner Bros deck featuring the dishiest cartoonimal ever, Bugs Bunny, as the Magician? And cross-dressed as the High Priestess, too.

'Til then, here's the Peanuts Arcana and the place to buy yr own Hello Tarot. A free football kick to Jef at ACME for the Peanuts pointer, and 5 cents worth of advice to The Irreverend Gabbert for my Hello Tarot deck.